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a person whose head is bald

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While the rattle bag of reggae- and country-rooted sounds seems natural given the music Beaumont sings, they're nonetheless odd bedmates, the unlikely combination of Crazy Baldhead and Johnny Cash colliding into an oddly relaxed and good-natured vibe.
In "Sao Marcos" the epigraph sets forth the theme of elusive identities: it tells playfully of a man on top of a coconut tree who turns out to be just a coconut that turns out to be the baldhead of a monkey that turns out to be the whole monkey.
The iris is orange in the Racer, yellow in the Squabbing Homer, white in the Baldhead Tumbler, light pearl in the Shak Kee.
Taking advantage of these open areas, ledges and false summits, one can enjoy 270 degree perspectives of Crane Mountain, Lizard Pond, Bearpen Peak, Baldhead Mountain and Moose Mountain.
Bush mask next to a few stacks of plastic vampire teeth and some packages of so-called baldhead wigs.
Last August I climbed the steep wooden stairs of Mount Baldhead, the hill that mounds the horizon just before Oval Beach, and made a pilgrimage to the far side of the dune cliffs.
His albums as Andre Nickatina include "Raven in My Eyes" (1998), "Tears of a Clown" (1999), "Daiquiri Factory" and "These R the Tales" (2000), "Midnight Machine Gun Rhymes and Alibies" (2001, with Equipto), the compilation "Hell's Kitchen" (2002, with Saafir, Mac Dre, Cougnut, Baldhead Ric, Equipto, Smoov-E, LoLo, San Quinn and others), "Conversation With a Devil" (2003) and "Bullets, Blunts & Ah Big Bankroll" (2003).
My daughter and I quickly made our way up to his pew, his baldhead serving as our guide.
I want to promote poetry to the point where you got all the baldhead kids running around doing poetry, getting the music out of the way and having only words, the spoken word, and then see what happens.
With his size, ugly pockmarked face and missile shaped baldhead, McCreedy doesn't have to do much to look mean.
While the 'What Women Want' actor was sure he'd look good with a baldhead, the daring antic wasn't really appreciated.
GARY McALLISTER impressed guests at Robbie Fowler's wedding with his rendition of My Way and other Sinatra classics but Ol' Baldhead has ruled out an international comeback.
I am a hideous prune, with big ears, deep eyes, wrinkled, bony cheeks, baldhead and a ridged brow like those Klingons on "Star Trek.
And moulted Tories Hague and Two-Names Smith were the last baldheads to find out the new first law of politics: if you want to get ahead, you've gotta have hair.