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I don't need to repeat myself and what I wrote I stick to and when I receive balderdash replies as a response, then my comments will be in the same context.
Poets' corner MAN WITH A SILLY MOUSTAT CHE There was a bad man with a silly moustache, He strutted about shouting all balderdash.
But their latest proposition has met with hostile responses from the denizens who feel the officialdom's viewpoint is nothing but balderdash aimed at curtailing their freedom.
Talk of restraint and a "proportional" response to intruders is balderdash.
LYoung wrote: "To say the local MPs are doing nothing is complete balderdash.
WHAT a load of piffle and balderdash from Barry Dennis (Letters, September 25).
So much balderdash in the news about rounding up gangs and bringing law and order to the San Fernando Valley
I read with interest Old Tosh and Balderdash by Andrew Faiz in October.
This is little more than state-subsidized discrimination, bureaucratic balderdash, and it is a practice that is/lot restricted to India.
Trudeau "merely ratified" the decisions of others is absolute balderdash.
Balderdash is exactly what the charge of genocide was
But to suggest that it had a sexual connotation is balderdash and an insult to a great soldier.
Applied molecular evolution is not balderdash," Kauffman stresses.
What a joke and a load of balderdash, two minutes a day will be spent either watching television, contacting their so called 'friends' on Facebook, feeding their faces adding to the obesity problem, while sat behind their computers or playing with the latest PC gismos.
In my experience, the suggestion that people on the dole are buying a new car and going on foreign holidays is a load of balderdash and lies.