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Synonyms for bald-pated

lacking hair on all or most of the scalp

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Looking uglier than one could ever have imagined possible, Cruise has been transformed into a bald-pated, hirsute, porcine, sulfur-mouthed terrorizer who rules the roost from a high-tech bunker.
In the case of this remarkably sensitive and penetrating profile of a bald-pated old man, the name that inevitably springs to mind is Leonardo da Vinci, and Distelberger does indeed invoke it, albeit without getting too carried away.
But I certainly backed them to put up a damn sight more of a fight than they did, despite starting the competition severely handicapped by the inclusion of the decrepit Frank Leboeuf and that bald-pated liability, Fabien Barthez.
The tall, bald-pated Italian referee told World Soccer that before he officiates at a game he studies as many recordings as he can of the two teams.
But the painting of the adoration that clinches his discussion with a representation of a young black king who looks extremely feminine also includes a turbaned, black-bearded magus and a white-haired, bald-pated, clean-shaven one (117, fig.