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Synonyms for bald-headed

lacking hair on all or most of the scalp

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The bald-headed man seemed to be running in circles with his hands up in the air.
The bald-headed doll, who is Barbie's good friend, somehow makes the cancer patients understand and come to terms with their situation, Metro reported.
I am going against the typical cliche of a diva being beautiful all the time" - Mezzo-soprano Cecilia Bartoli who appears as a bald-headed Renaissance cleric thrusting a crucifix in front of her on the sleeve of her latest album.
Now at least when she gets married she won't look like she's trying to smuggle two bald-headed men into the church under her wedding dress.
Rewind four or five bald-headed Britney Spears who the crunchy, orange, number-filled treats.
Police appealed for help in tracing the driver, a bald-headed man in his 30s, and his passenger, who had dark spiky hair.
Most of them were gray-haired, some were bald-headed while others were too young to sit cool somewhere.
He and colleagues found the birds, the bald-headed bulbuls (right), in the rugged limestone belt of central Laos and named it Pycnonotus hualon in the July Forktail.
Witnesses report seeing a bald-headed white man running away in the distance.
Things got out of hand and when the biggest bald-headed man started to kick one of the others on the floor, the 'law and order officers' in our midst decided to stop the fight.
The legendary bald-headed icon has held a place in America's hearts, while the brand often been ahead of the curve, developing innovative products that speak to the public's needs.
The airline said it will pay NZ$1,000 ($666) per head, making it easy money for bald-headed frequent fliers.
Hamlet Cigars forgot the glamorous girls and good looking guys for their "Happiness Is" campaign which featured actor Gregor Fisher, best known as Rab C Nesbitt, as a bald-headed man combing his hair over in a photo booth.
Bald-headed Bayldon appeared in the dock for the brief hearing at Kingston Crown Court.
But member Wes Day says his trio of bald-headed, PVC-playing percussionists slathered in blue greasepaint and black industrial wear has just written a love letter to every large- spectacle arena-rock act from the '70s.