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the basic unit of money in Panama

Spanish explorer who in 1513 crossed the Isthmus of Darien and became the first European to see the eastern shores of the Pacific Ocean (1475-1519)

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In opening Balboa Way Liquor, Mostafa realized he had the space necessary to incorporate U-Haul in his business plan.
at 1660 Globe Way in Balboa Park (kitty-corner to the Spanish Village Art Center).
Did Balboa find out about the great sea before or after he set sail for South America?
The Conservancy has a strong, admirable vision for the immediate maintenance and long-term sustainability of Balboa Park," said Lew.
Under the transaction, QBE has purchased the majority of the insurance liabilities and certain other assets of the Balboa business, in exchange for QBE's acquisition of an equivalent amount of cash and other assets through a reinsurance deal with Balboa.
Rocky Balboa, in a re-match with Apollo Creed, knocks out Creed to win his first title.
I can find no indication that the City Council has previously recognized the Lake Balboa area as a community," said a city memo written Oct.
Balboa returned to Antigua a proud man after finding a fortune in gold, pearls and slaves.
the Caribbean and South America," said John Meredith, managing director of Hutchison Port Holdings, at the inauguration of the Balboa terminal.
Balboa Peninsula; 12-8 daily; $1-$2 a ride; 673-0408).
Filmed using a high tech device similar to what Amazon Prime plans to use for its drone package delivery, the footage offers a rich virtual experience of the lush natural beauty and distinguished charm of Balboa Island.
Stoughton's role encompasses educating the public about Balboa Park assets and needs, and initiating park-wide projects.
Balboa began his search for wealth in 1500 when he set sail from Spain to the Americas (see map).
LAKE BALBOA -- A controversial proposal to change the name of West Van Nuys to Lake Balboa will get a second public hearing.
Locals often refer to currency as the Balboa, but no Balboa, bank notes exist in circulation.