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when dried yields a hard substance used e

a tropical hardwood tree yielding balata gum and heavy red timber

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This site, Tell Balata (near Nablus), and its surroundings is on the World Heritage tentative list (Taha 2009) and the aim of the project, which was funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was to preserve the site sustainably, to develop it into an archaeological site park with visitor facilities and to prepare a plan for the future management of the site and the park.
Some 1200 tourists in Bulgaria's Black Sea resort of Albena have been evacuated from hotels located near the Balata Reserve due to the risk of flooding from the Batovska river.
For example, Balata notes that after they couldn't obtain government permits to paint certain locations, they found local property owners who gave them permission to decorate walls on private land.
The firm is to operate between the onshore Beach, Navette, and Balata East producing oil fields, and the offshore Galeota producing oil field.
Tom McLaughlin, who won the 7f handicap on Balata for the Links Partnership, limped in grimacing, having injured his groin on the way to post.
In fresh violence, a Palestinian was killed in an Israeli raid in the Balata refugee camp near Nablus.
Palestinian witnesses said the gunman, from Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, was shot in Balata, a refugee camp near Nablus.
Unfortunately, the batteries of the hearing aid have run out, the Balata Refugee Camp has been cut off from the outside world.
New licenses will be granted for "Mayaro/Guayaguayare (Area 1), Herrera Complex (Area 2), Tabaquite (Area 3), Guapo/Brighton/Oropouche (Area 4), Cruse Complex (Area 5) and Balata (Area 6)".
Other varieties of NR came from balata, guayule and gutta-percha.
The boy, Khaled Walweel, was in his home in the Balata camp when he was killed by a stray bullet to the head.
And in Balata refugee camp a Palestinian died as a bomb in his car blew up prematurely.
An Al Aqsamember initially said al-Abed's car was apparently hit by an Israeli tank shell fired from a mountain top post overlooking Balata.
The troops had pulled out of Nablus on Monday after a two week operation focused around the Balata refugee camp, in which soldiers arrested dozens of suspected militants.
Regai Rayan, 20, of Balata refugee camp in Nablus, was shot in the back after youths threw rocks at an Israeli tank, said Palestinian witnesses.