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Synonyms for balanced

Synonyms for balanced

neither favorable or unfavorable

characterized by or displaying symmetry, especially correspondence in scale or measure

having components pleasingly combined

Antonyms for balanced

being in a state of proper equilibrium

References in classic literature ?
Slowly the mast swung in until it balanced at right angles across the rail; and then I discovered to my amazement that there was no need for Maud to slack away.
To help bridge this gap, Balance Bar Company, makers of Balance Bar uniquely balanced energy nutrition bars, has launched The Balance Project, a multi-year, multi-platform program to open a dialogue that will aid in improving America's levels of balance.
His knowledge of balanced and unbalanced forces also comes in handy--helping him to rise to the top of his sport.
During the Great Depression, the greatest of all balance sheet recessions, those countries that tried to stick with balanced budget principles not only ended up experiencing the greatest economic declines, but also caused global fallacy of composition through their beggar-thy-neighbor policies.
Jeff Parks of the Balanced Scorecard Institute and Dr.
Nearly two-thirds of typical companies have some type of balanced scorecard program in place or in development, but fewer than 20 percent of them have mature balanced scorecard implementations that are generating business value, according to research from The Hackett Group.
The nitrogen retention is higher, plus they can be balanced to meet the body's specific requirements for particular amino acids.
These restrictions, including a $1,500 annual cap on rehabilitation services and a hastily developed prospective payment system (PPS) for nursing homes, were imposed by the Balanced Budget Act of 1997.
Normal activities require a balanced upright position.
Enter the Balanced Scorecard, a management philosophy that anticipates scenarios like the one above by using key leading and lagging indicators to measure a company's performance.
But in a rare display of bipartisanship last year--albeit one preceded by months of budget gridlock culminating in the mortifying spectacle of the multiple shutdown of the federal government--they did manage to grip and grin for the cameras on one issue: committing the United States federal government to a balanced budget by 2002.
Why has it been a generation since we balanced our books?
In every state except Vermont, the general fund and many other budget accounts are required to be balanced, either within each fiscal year or over a two-year period.
Over the last five years, AIM Balanced Fund A has posted a solid 13.
The Treasury Department promised that the revenue gained from hiking tax rates would result in a balanced budget.