balance-of-payments problem

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an economic problem caused by payments for imports being greater than receipts for exports

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The first is fiscal situation, second low growth and the challenge to revive it so as to create jobs and reduce poverty while the third is to improve the competitiveness of the economy so as to expand exports, sustain growth, and avoid balance-of-payments problems in the future.
The Washington-based IMF advises governments on economic policy and lends money to help with balance-of-payments problems.
Its remit was twofold: first, to encourage financial stability by managing a system of fixed but adjustable exchange rates tied to the US dollar (backed by gold reserves) and second, to lend, on a short-term basis, to countries with balance-of-payments problems.
In the same vein, there is no escaping the fact that the structure and remit of the IMF means that it is incapable of properly addressing balance-of-payments problems, that it creates and perpetuates massive debt and that the two combined have caused immeasurable suffering for millions of people.
When the United States developed balance-of-payments problems in the early 1970s, it was able to shift the international financial system from fixed to floating exchange rates, enabling continued growth of U.
The IMF should return to it original mandate and lend to countries (rich or poor) facing short-term balance-of-payments problems.
Regional problems of slow growth and unemployment may be highly correlated with balance-of-payments problems.
An increased savings rate is needed to enable Egypt to sustain high rates of economic growth while avoiding serious balance-of-payments problems.
Partly because of the floods, which will shave off at least 1% from GDP, partly because of the administration's inability and unwillingness to curb non-essential expenditures, and partly because of slowing export growth, Pakistan is once again facing serious fiscal and balance-of-payments problems.
The monetary approach views balance-of-payments problems as essentially transitory and self-correcting, provided the authorities do not sterilize the effects of the changes in reserves by means of compensating the changes in domestic credit.