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Synonyms for balance

Synonyms for balance

a stable state characterized by the cancellation of all forces by equal opposing forces

satisfying arrangement marked by even distribution of elements, as in a design

what remains after a part has been used or subtracted

to examine in order to note the similarities and differences of

to put in balance

to place or be placed on a narrow or insecure surface


Synonyms for balance

equality between the totals of the credit and debit sides of an account

harmonious arrangement or relation of parts or elements within a whole (as in a design)

something left after other parts have been taken away

(astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Libra

the seventh sign of the zodiac

a weight that balances another weight

a wheel that regulates the rate of movement in a machine

compute credits and debits of an account

Related Words

hold or carry in equilibrium

be in equilibrium

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As of Monday, October 19, the Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection (CCCP) sector in the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) asked all Dubai malls to prohibit the use of smart balance wheels.
The balance wheels can only be used in designated areas in parks.
Roads, side roads, pavements, footpaths, jogging tracks and sports areas are off limits to balance wheels users for safety purposes
Although the incident happened on the road and not in a mall, authorities clarified that balance wheels can only be used in designated areas in parks.
People using balance wheels in malls drive other shoppers crazy.
He said residents can still use their balance wheels in sections of the park where skateboards are allowed.
Using smart balance wheels has become increasingly popular in the UAE in recent months, especially among the younger population who use it in indoor and even public areas.
Col Al Ameri urged parents to make sure that their children only use their balance wheels in designated areas such as parks.
However, a spokesperson for the special security at the Grand Mosque said they opposed the use of smart balance wheels inside.
The case of the man shown on a clip using smart balance wheels during tawaf is highly unusual," Sameh Al Salmi said.
Al Fardan also reminded enthusiasts to use the balance wheels responsibly and safely.
Around the world, personal mobility is changing and the use of smart balance wheels is just the beginning.