balance wheel

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a wheel that regulates the rate of movement in a machine

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The two balance wheels are visible through a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal caseback, enabling wearers to admire the exceptional intricacies and fluid movements of this piece.
Artemis Noir This fine timepiece has a German movement with 8 days power reserve and Swiss escapement with 11 jewels and screw balance wheel.
In keeping with the brand's exclusive nature, the watches are only available through an extremely limited group of leading jewelry stores, which now includes Grenon's of Newport, Rhode Island, The Balance Wheel in Beaver Creek, Colorado, M.
Mohammad Khateeb, a Jordanian expatriate who fractured his right hand after falling off a balance wheel last month, told Gulf News: "This is good news.
9000 calibre has a diameter of 13 A" lignes and is fitted with two barrels which ensure a power reserve of 72 hours; the single-piece rotor winds in both directions thanks to an automatic ratchet device; the balance wheel with adjustment screws, oscillates at a frequency of 4 Hz; the stop balance wheel device enables the time to be synchronised with a reference time signal.
Featuring a 42mm diameter case and convex sapphire crystal, each watch also features a refined engraving of the NOJ393 Healey on the case back, together with a round aperture, through which the balance wheel can be seen.
At various times in our nation's history, the clockworks have been judged out of synch, and governmental power has been expanded or contracted to recalibrate the national balance wheel.
On removing an inner cover to reveal the working portion I find that on a plate near the balance wheel is an inscription R Wright & Co Coventry.
His common sense and humor provided a balance wheel of sanity for all the bluster and bickering.
In the heat of all this, a great balance wheel, Americans at large, restored order through wait-and-see warnings, even while they devoured every tidbit available about sluttiness, sleaze and public slime.
They are the great equalizers, the balance wheel of the corporate machinery," said Whalen.
Another reader who had a bad experience using the smart balance wheel was Eisa Al Bannai's younger brother Ali, 13.
They have the power to demand that we do better, to demand that we think of higher education not as the balance wheel of budgets, but as an investment in our future.
The quartz, crystal proved more accurate than the balance wheel of mechanical watches but the Swiss watch industry failed to see the enormous marketing potential, focusing instead on improving the mechanical watches they had crafted for generations.
It thus made a perfect balance wheel to "manly emotion," which consisted of powerful and urgent passions.