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a record of the financial situation of an institution on a particular date by listing its assets and the claims against those assets

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Open the Pro Forma Balance Sheet report in Design View.
During this meeting, I argued strongly that the Maastricht treaty should be amended to take account of such recessions so that the balance sheet problem in one country would be kept within its borders.
Regardless of the cost and effort involved in the reconciliation process, no other internal control is as capable of identifying misstatements in balance sheet accounts.
I believe the requirement for Balance Sheet and Income Statement requires U.
The balance sheet is an important part of your financial picture, but it's only one piece.
A list of key terms, indicators and ratios that bankruptcy lawyers need to understand on the balance sheet
The dual perspective of the treasurer and controller is required in order to secure optimal balance sheet benefits.
After the Great Depression, the last and possibly the greatest balance sheet recession in history, American households and companies became so averse to borrowing that it took three full decades for U.
A balance sheet represents a firm's financial position as of a certain date.
Synthetic leasing--also known as,, off balance sheet financing--allows a firm to receive tax benefits associated with owning real estate while keeping the associated debt off of its balance sheet.
This decline in demand has been mainly associated with a sharp reversal of some of the balance sheet trends that developed during the 1980s.
The Intrasweep On-Balance-Sheet Sweep(SM) solution is a complete cash management solution for banks to grow deposits and improve their balance sheet liquidity while enabling their commercial depositors to earn interest on idle account balances.
Once the corporate balance sheets are repaired, it will be the government's turn to repair its own balance sheet.
This would put a liability on the balance sheet that has been off-balance-sheet for the majority of utilities.