balance of trade

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the difference in value over a period of time of a country's imports and exports of merchandise

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This does not change the equation in any way, but falsely suggests that the balance of trade is part of the equation, and that a negative balance of trade reduces GDP.
We examine the role of aggregate demand price level elasticity for the balance of trade when an economic expansion happens as a result of either an increase of aggregate demand or an increase of short-run aggregate supply.
065 million, indicating the highest balance of trade surplus achieved to date.
Damascus, (SANA)-Prime Minister Mohammad Naji Otri stressed the importance of raising trade exchange volume and exports volume to strike a balance in the balance of trade, while preserving the quality of the Syrian products to boost their competitiveness in foreign markets.
Exchange rate volatility influences various parts of the balance of payments of a country, the balance of trade, the international competitiveness of domestic products, businesses that export and/or imports as well as the investors making international investments.
He noted that the Saudi exports to Pakistan represent 79 percent of the balance of trade between the two countries while the Saudi exports of oil and its derivatives constitute 90% of total Saudi exports to the Pakistani market.
The deficit in Jordan's balance of trade shrank by 8.
This is still the greatest industry and is one where the balance of trade is in our favor.
Figures for June show that the balance of trade in goods with countries outside the EU narrowed to pounds 1.
If you factor in the hidden subsidies paid to oil companies, plus the hidden costs to every American of military preparedness to defend oil supplies, the lost value of the dollar due to our balance of trade deficits, and the health and environmental costs, the cost of relying on fossil fuel is many times the pump price," says Kristoff.
Accordingly the overall balance of trade declined 49 per cent to pounds 195 million.
The balance of trade in goods and services in the first half of this year registered a surplus of 3,461.
This meant a 9% jump in the balance of trade deficit to a new record of 462m [pounds sterling].
Environmental protection should be included in the overall balance of trade so that it becomes a major component of the nation's economy.
The balance of trade flows is beginning to correct itself," he says.