balance of payments

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a system of recording all of a country's economic transactions with the rest of the world over a period of one year

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Reflecting the country's overall balance of payments position, the foreign assets of the CBO as at the end of 2014 increased by 2.
The total balance of payments in 2015 expected in the amount of US$ 118.
Musharraf Government took several measures after the current fiscal year (2000) to strengthen the balance of payment of Pakistan has improved a lot from 200-2007 During these years Pakistan govt.
Balance of payments, consisting of current, financial and capital accounts, usually reflects the financial situation of a country.
Ardalan (2003, 2005a, 2005b) has reviewed three alternative theories of balance of payments adjustments.
Summary: The balance of payments registered a surplus of 14.
8 billion USD in the same period of 2009, said Turkey's Central Bank which released Balance of Payments statistics on Wednesday.
9%, combined with an improvement in the balance of payments.
FRANKFURT: The eurozone s balance of payments fell back into negative territory in August, showing a modest deficit of 1.
with the "intent") of preventing effective balance of payments adjustment or gaining an unfair competitive advantage.
In Brazil, oil imports amount to less than 1% of GDP, which makes higher prices insignificant in terms of the country's balance of payments.
But the part of the economy that worries me, and seemingly nobody else, is the UK balance of payments deficit.
b) the fact that Japan's balance of payments surpluses are now largely driven by income from foreign investments; and
The following is a table of Japan's balance of payments for July 2002 released by the Finance Ministry on Thursday.
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