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a structure or device in which one end is counterbalanced by the other (on the principle of the seesaw)

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The session in which participants experienced flow the most was Table Tilt (n = 11), followed by Tightrope Walk (n = 4), Balance Bridge (n = 3), Warrior (n = 3), Ski Slalom (n = 2), Single-Leg Extension (n = 1), and Penguin Slide (n = 1).
The session selected as least immersive was Palm Tree (n = 7), followed by Single-Leg Extension (n = 4), Ski Slalom (n = 4), Tightrope Walk (n = 4), Balance Bridge (n = 3), Penguin Slide (n = 1), Warrior (n = 1), and Table Tilt (n = 1).
Eight sessions were Palm Tree, Warrior, Balance Bridge, Single-Leg Extension, Ski Slalom, Tightrope Walk, Penguin Slide, and Table Tilt from Nintendo Wii Fit Plus (NWFP) (RVL-006, Nintendo of Korea; Seoul, South Korea).
Tenders are invited for construction of cc road from kodamanchili - sidhantam r&b road to kattavaripalem including balance bridge work to pushkar ghat in nadipudi(v) (pr road id no.
Movement: ETA 2897 Power reserve; rhodium; barrel bridge surface snailed, visible Tiret New York engraving; balance bridge surface snailed, visible Tiret New York engraving; additional train wheel bridge with Tiret New York engraving on side; barrel surface snailed with Tiret New York; automatic device framework surface snailed with highly visible engraving Tiret New York; oscillating weight surface smoothed, with engraving SWISS 21 JEWELS; blue color engraving of Tiret logo on oscillating weight; Tiret New York visible on entire oscillating weight; bevel snailed diamond; 8 visible screws, blue color, head flat, polished, slot chamfer; main plate, train wheel bridge and pallet bridge are all standard without decoration; Incabloc