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a gymnastic apparatus used by women gymnasts

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Top: Barney with the BBC production team and the newly installed lock gate and balance beam at Marsden.
She uses it to make two lines the width of the balance beam on the mat.
On balance beam, Maria Kharenkova performed shakily and fell forward on her dismount, and Daria Spiridonova fell on an aerial skill.
AG North manager Rick Walker has over 25 years experience in equipment installations and repairs, and was trained directly at the AAI factory to do balance beam recoveries.
She will compete in the balance beam finals on Sunday.
Some commentators were quick to note that the winter games don't include sports like swimming, track or indoor events involving a balance beam.
Figure 12 shows the stresses found within the modular steel gate under the hydrostatic loading, combined with the impact force from a boat collision acting on the top of the gate and the balance beam.
Club: City of Liverpool Gymnastics Club Recent achievements: Gold in the balance beam, silver in the vault and all round at the British Championships 2012.
133 on the balance beam to help Team USA end a 16-year wait for honours in the category with a total score of 183.
The io[R] Balance Beam illuminated grab bar from Cooper Lighting is ADA-compliant.
For Upton and Pierre-Paul, the tasks were a bit less taxing; they squared off in some more relaxed challenges--a balance beam standoff and a hardnosed table tennis match--all of which tied back to the Axe Shower product range.
Cooper Lighting's io LED Balance Beam awarded a Silver Award and an Innovation Award; the io Koi LED Bollard Series also received a Silver Award.
She was in the balance beam and uneven bars also but got the wooden spoon in the both.
The balance beam part of the jet helps in reducing the forces needed to move the nozzle, thus reducing the power of the actuators and their weight.
Tsurumi, who captured the women's all-around bronze and uneven bars silver earlier in the week, was sixth in the balance beam after scoring 14.