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a gymnastic apparatus used by women gymnasts

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I was practicing a lot in the back gym," said Hallin, for whom balance beam was the only event.
On balance beam, Maria Kharenkova performed shakily and fell forward on her dismount, and Daria Spiridonova fell on an aerial skill.
She will compete in the balance beam finals on Sunday.
Some commentators were quick to note that the winter games don't include sports like swimming, track or indoor events involving a balance beam.
Recent achievements: Won Bronze in the balance beam and floor in the 2012 European championships in Brussels.
The Balance Beam is easy to clean and comes in an antimicrobial finish.
She was in the balance beam and uneven bars also but got the wooden spoon in the both.
The balance beam part of the jet helps in reducing the forces needed to move the nozzle, thus reducing the power of the actuators and their weight.
Clearly if they fall off the balance beam, even with grass underneath or rubber surfacing, there's a potential for injury there, but the benefit of having the opportunity to balance outweighs the risk.
Kristina Comforte tied for first on the balance beam (9.
Once the electronic scales appeared, I waved goodbye to my old balance beam forever.
In a side gallery, the artist presented Kamikaze, 2005, a post-and-lintel balance beam painted in cartoonish woodgrain, and topped by models of the severed front quarters of two miniature horses (each consisting of two legs, a neck, and a chest, with no head and no behind).
Her whimsical triptych of paintings titled "Triple Threat" features three fluffy, gymnastic sheep on the balance beam, the pommel horse and the rings.
For Olympic hopefuls, there is the Barbie Balance Beam while future X-Gamers can try SSX Snowboarding and fans of the gridiron can give Madden Football a whirl.
Heck, many of today's younger handloaders have never even enjoyed the time consuming, head scratching and headache inducing pleasure offered by a traditional balance beam scale.