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a stringed instrument that has a triangular body and three strings

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According to a report by the Soviet Ministry of the Interior, Finns bought vodka, guitars and balalaikas, which, it suggested, were much cheaper than in Finland.
A big favourite is the Downtown club for cheesy dancefloor hits - this is not the place to come for a romantic tavern with gently-strummed balalaikas.
tolerance and their balalaikas, their square dark men and thick soups
They've added colour to the gravelled bays, with balalaikas gently serenading the steady stream of perverts who have turned the car park into a prime "dogging" spot - where thrill-seekers gather for illicit encounters.
Roofraising choruses, foot-stomping beats and blitzing balalaikas make a fine introduction to a fast-growing phenomenon.
Somewhere in there, you will find bouzoukis, balalaikas, harpsicords, celestes, glockenspiels, marimbas and mandolins as well as the trademark flute.
Recent in Salzburg I found a Russian group playing Eine Kleine Nachtmusik on accordion and three balalaikas on the steps of Mozart's own cathedral and so fine was their musicianship that nobody could be offended least of all the composer himself.
I also own an almost unknown "copy" on Capitol, Russian Balalaikas (Capitol LP 12T10234), which came out at about the same time as the Mercury.
La unidad bicefala de la garganta de Andrea y la brujula con que la sigue Hector se ennoblece por la pesada bataca de Alejandro Duque y esas liras, armonicas y, balalaikas con que pinta Alejandro Gomezcaceres.
July 15-19: Fujima Kansuma demonstrates traditional Japanese dance, and Russian musicians of Limpopo play the accordion and strum balalaikas.