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a stringed instrument that has a triangular body and three strings

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He hasn't missed the balalaika - "I was never particularly good" - but has recently completed 73 new ink drawings, in the humble medium of Biro, as well as three paintings.
Photo: (1) The Discovery Channel sells balalaika ornaments, hand-painted replicas of traditional Russian folk instruments.
Such instruments include: Vina and Zither from India, Cavaquinho from Brazil, Balalaika from Russia, and Bawu from China.
Then there are his animals such as Harquin, the fox who eludes the squire's hounds, Trubloff, the mouse who wants to play the balalaika, Simp, the unwanted dog, and Humbert, the scrap dealer's horse who longs to pull the Lord Mayor's golden carriage.
She came back for a year as a teenager, busking on the streets with her balalaika.
Imagine a drunken record producer randomly splicing a Shostakovich quartet, the Pokrovsky Ensemble's Les Noces and the Leningrad Cowboys' Total Balalaika Show.
Over 500 guests, predominantly trade and retail partners, enjoyed Russian Standard Original cocktails and unlimited caviar while listening to Balalaika players and a classical Russian string quartet.
The Massenkoff Russian Folk Festival with Nikolai Massenkoff, the Balalaika Ensemble and Russian Folk Ballet Dancers will present traditional dances of Russia.
However, he proved well up to the task, Paddy Mathers bringing him from off the strong pace to beat Balalaika Tune by a length and a quarter.
The 53 group needs a balalaika for Thursday's performance.
MOZART played by a balalaika quartet and in the shadow of Salzburg Cathedral?
From bass to balalaika and mandolin to oil can, Bruce Berger's musical career has been a long, strange trip.
Et donc, dans ma rue, ce Russe venait jouer de la balalaika (ndlr: instrument a cordes russe) avec des chansons en russe.
As well as displaying a samovar (a traditional teapot), embroidered clothes, a balalaika, photographs, cards and letters the exhibition will also include photographs of the destruction that has taken place in Luhansk over the past few months and individual stories of people's links between the two cities.
The exhibition will include many of the gifts presented to people from Cardiff on their visits to Lugansk, including a samovar (a huge colourful teapot), traditional embroidered clothes and shirts and a balalaika as well as photographs, cards and letters.