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a word for chaos or fiasco borrowed from modern Hebrew (where it is a loan word from Russian)

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With that in mind, Groshong and Hobson recently stepped down from their posts running Balagan on a day-to-day basis.
by Boogie Balagan, comprising French-based musicians Azri and Gabri.
PalestIsraeli" duo Boogie Balagan blends Middle Eastern vibes with exhilarating rock'n roll to convey their message of peace and break down cultural, linguistic, and physical barriers in the Middle East.
But this can be seen as only "local color," strategies to cope with unique Israeli situations (like balagan and chutzpah), rather than an extension of English to incorporate new experiences.
6) The language of constructivist architecture and constructivist stage design was a language culled from many sources, among them the structures, design and daily life reversals of the carnival; the balagan or people's theater (as an architectural form as well as a model for dramatic presentations); the wooden "mountains" or roller coaster type slides which dominated villages and parts of Moscow and St.
They use one word again and again: balagan, a mess.
The balagan refers to Russian fairground theatre, which fascinated many Russian modernists with its puppet shows, bear dances, and colourful entertainments.
Endgame" centers on the brilliant chess master Arkady Balagan, who uses the skills that made him a world chess champion to solve crimes that mystify others.
We first did the show there at the Balagan, this little basement theatre; tickets were just $7.
Just one month after Miliband's chief rival, Prime Minister David Cameron, was heckled during his speech to the Knesset (unfazed, Cameron said his ambassador had taught him the word balagan prior to his address), Miliband faced a decidedly more favorable audience at the Mount Scopus campus.
A report from the Army's 5th Infantry Division said the soldiers were conducting security patrol in Balagan village in the town of San Mariano when they encountered the rebels which sparked the hour-long firefight.
The three were up in arms against Balagan Arumugaswamy, a Washington DC based leading CPA who was unanimously chosen as Fetna silver jubilee convention coordinator in the delegates meeting held last year.
As everything else here, buying a car is total balagan (mixed-up confusion).
Christine Bateman, who has worked at a number of TeenTix partner organizations, including ArtsEd Washington and Balagan Theatre, and is now the communications director at the Intiman, says that the challenge is similar for arts institutions.
Balagan is a crowded outdoor market two hours before the stores close for Shabbat, an all-night beachside rave, or the Jerusalem bus station teeming with people in the late afternoon.