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a cap that is close-fitting and woolen and covers all of the head but the face

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If the police attended and found large numbers of people in balaclava helmets, I might take a different view.
POLICE are to be given new powers to require protesters to remove masks and balaclava helmets - in a bid to prevent violence and vandalism by militant demonstrators.
We had to wear balaclava helmets which was strange, especially seeing the horror on people's faces when they looked at us.
Moore was met by four armed men in balaclava helmets who showed him a number of photographs of I.
Police say the two wanted men were wearing dark clothes and balaclava helmets when they forced their way in through a rear door at 8.
The imitation gun, clothing he had used, and two balaclava helmets were found in the vehicle.
I have a suspicion that they are more attracted to the terrorist-chic of balaclava helmets and violence than to the interests of wildlife.