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a cap that is close-fitting and woolen and covers all of the head but the face

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SALIVA found on a balaclava used during a terrifying armed raid appeared to prove a 26-yearold man had been one of the robbers.
He was black, about 5ft 8in, thin, and wearing dark clothing, including a including a balaclava ski mask and peaked hat.
The men were all wearing balaclavas and dark clothing.
He was a young white male, 5ft 10ins tall, of slim build, wearing a black balaclava and a black polo-neck jumper.
Alan Robert Ferguson was sentenced to 18 months for supplying four balaclavas used by the gang that blasted Red Hand Commando boss Jim "Jonty" Johnston to death last year.
Four white men wearing balaclavas forced their way into the 26-year-old woman's home and tied her to a banister before gluing her mouth closed.
PC McLean added: "If an elderly woman was coming out of the post office with her pension book and saw someone wearing a balaclava coming towards her, she would be terrified.
The thieves, wearing balaclavas and brandishing knives with seven-inch blades, forced their way into the house as the man's 56-year-old wife and 36-year-old daughter were watching television.
The attacker was thought to be a white man with a balaclava over his head and wore thick padded gloves.
The suspect is male, over 6ft, of very skinny build and was wearing a mask or balaclava, a black hooded jumper with a white stripe or patch on each shoulder, black bottoms, black trainers and black gloves.
A WOMAN has been jailed after a court heard she disguised herself with a balaclava and attacked another woman in her own home with a home-made weapon.
She must be getting one hell of a wellfitted balaclava.
Crimea can be a meat locker, but Balaclava, at the southern tip of the peninsula, fully exposed to the Black Sea winds, can be bloody brutal.
Balaclava railway station is receiving a comprehensive $13.
Summary: CCTV footage has revealed how a hapless robber removed his balaclava and fell over a drinks display while attempting to flee a newsagents.