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a relatively small amount of money given for services rendered (as by a waiter)

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The narrator points out that "Islamists' main ally is the corruption they claim to be fighting, because it's thanks to baksheesh that they manage to slip past the border police" to carry out terrorist operations (23).
Here is Karzai, in 2009, about the baksheesh the Iranians gave his regime: "They do give us bags of money -- yes, yes, it is done.
We were sponsored by Typhoo so we'd got boxes and boxes of teabags which we used as baksheesh (bribes) to ease our way through borders and customs.
Sometimes they would stop and ask for baksheesh (freebies) and we would give them small sums of money, sweets and fruit.
Proud owner of Istanbul's only crime bookshop, Kati Hirschel uses the power of bribery, or baksheesh, to purchase an apartment in the city.
As the American minister in Sofia commented, "The French action has been generally interpreted as baksheesh and has created rather an unfavorable reaction than otherwise.
Guaranteed wages, certified food supplies and vast subsidies are all doled out like baksheesh from our overlords, who want to build a more equitable society.
Originally a southern rock band, the Baksheesh Boys quickly added classic rock tunes to its set list.
According to Google, Baksheesh is part and parcel of the culture in the Middle East, as many off-plan apartment buyers have found to their cost from greedy project owners.
While you may not be dealing in blood diamonds out of Angola or paying off Mexican officials for building permits, it is still baksheesh.
Benefits like this are an entitlement, not baksheesh from our political masters.
Como el baksheesh que en Mexico muchos prefieren pagar al poli, antes que dejar el coche tres dias en el corralon.
I found the Baksheesh culture in Egypt disruptive in politics, tourism, and economics .
A baksheesh payment of twenty, thirty, or fifty pounds was usually needed to accomplish the simplest task.
Ergo: they all need to give us a little political baksheesh.