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Synonyms for baking

Synonyms for baking

Synonyms for baking

making bread or cake or pastry etc

cooking by dry heat in an oven

as hot as if in an oven


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TV baking shows have inspired local government officer Arlene Quinn to be more creative in the kitchen and try more recipes.
The wider convection oven is ideal for highvolume baking applications," said Demin.
You'll find these creations among the 100 recipes in Scharffenberger's recently released ``The Essence of Chocolate, Recipes for Baking and Cooking With Fine Chocolate,'' written with Robert Steinberg (Hyperion: $35).
Many parishes coordinate their own bread-baking ministries, with parishioners taking turns baking the eucharistic bread for Sunday liturgy.
Have baking sheets that are either lined with parchment paper or sprayed lightly with oil available.
Baking Team, Chef Gumpel assisted in capturing the Grand Prize at the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie in February of 1999.
After seven years of hard work, Camilla has grown her love for baking into an entrepreneurial endeavor.
Contact the local elementary school or Girl or Boy Scout troop and offer a discount on bakeware, baking accessories, or even a free recipe booklet to help them prepare for their annual bake sale.
Place square on ungreased baking sheet, in inch apart.
Share the joy of baking with family and friends by using 100% pure cane Domino[R] Sugar or C&H[R] Sugar.
The interactive website showcases Auto-Bake's unique Serpentine baking technology and spotlights its business benefits to baking enterprises, large and small.
Chattman relies on a single bar cookie for gift-giving instead of a variety of different ones to simplify baking tasks and streamline buying ingredients in bulk.
She received this award for the best recipe using at least 1/2 cup of SPLENDA(R) Sugar Blend for Baking.
NOTE: Sweeten stars by sprinkling with granulated sugar before baking, if desired.
Developed by the Lesaffre Baking Centre in France, Minute Bread[R] improver is added at the mixing stage and works by aiding moisture retention and promoting rapid colour development in the oven at the initial baking stage, without compromising dough stability, tolerance or oven spring.