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a workplace where baked goods (breads and cakes and pastries) are produced or sold

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Bakery owners have held sit-ins in Minya, Sharqeya, Kafr Al-Sheikh, Gharbeya, and Damietta in protest against a three-day insurance charge to receive their shares of flour, as well as demanding their late dues, amounting to EGP 1bn since the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood.
5 percent last year, while the average size of the in-store bakery was on the rise, jumping to an average 1,420 square feet in 2015, compared with 1,310 square feet the year before.
The Grain Silos and Flour Mills Organization can provide exact figures on flour quantities used by each bakery.
Woof Gang Bakery is a one-stop-shop for all pet care needs, including pet supplies, full- and self-service grooming and doggie day care.
In 1945 Mr and Mrs Dodgshon continued the bakery as Dodgshons bakery.
Meanwhile a Judicial magistrate had granted bail to eight men alleged of beating the bakery employee.
Al-Zarra bakery in Qadi Askar, Aleppo city, August 16;
Breads of the World and Bakery Favourites are a great way to expand your bakery section to provide consumers with a 'all in one place' shopping experience.
In May or June, Sarli plans to open an Italian restaurant that will connect to the bakery.
The judges visited the bakery's two sites, the main one in Minera and the gluten-free bakery in Wrexham, before sending him through to the final round.
Ras Al Khaimah The Environmental and Public Health Department at the RAK Municipality yesterday shut down a bakery in Julphar for two days and imposed a fine of Dh1,500 on its Emirati owner as a result of a complaint about a packet of bread covered in black powder.
MINNEAPOLIS-BASED GENERAL MILLS BAKERIES & FOODSERVICE is helping retailers put their in-store bakery departments in the winner's circle with its "Be Race Ready" promotion that ties into NASCAR by leveraging the power of the No.
He warned that he would stop supplying any bakery with flour if it raised the prices to LL2,000 per 1,250 grams of Arabic bread.
Located in the middle of the famous and bustling Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle, and close enough to the original Starbucks to tip your hat, Le Panier is a traditional French bakery that is visited by downtown business people and visitors alike.