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a workplace where baked goods (breads and cakes and pastries) are produced or sold

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The owners of the bakeries were fined and were warned to maintain the SOP of the cleanliness in their bakeries at all cost.
This decision came during the minister's meeting with heads of bakery departments in different governorates, in the presence of chairperson of the General Department of Bakeries Abdullah Ghorab.
Bakery biscuits were used as raw material during the present study, they were collected from selected four bakeries from Hyderabad i.
In tough economic times, when in-store bakeries -- by all rights -- should be shrinking, they stand ready to grow: Roughly half -- a full 47.
Martin will be heading up the Allied Bakeries Category team, working closely with their customers as they strive to grow the bakery category.
Investors in the bakery sector are expected to leave the market because bakery owners can no longer work at full capacity in view of the labor shortage, said Fahd Al-Salman, chairman of the National Committee for Bakeries at the Council of Saudi Chambers.
Measurements Have Therefore Been Carried Out By Tno In 7 Bakeries With Batch Ovens, 5 Bakeries With Continuous Ovens And 3 Industrial Confectioners.
Mich says: "I have been amazed by the passion and work ethic of all our bakeries.
Human Rights Watch researchers visited six of the attacked bakeries and interviewed witnesses:
The Kingsmill Sandwich Alternatives range is an offering of four such products, including Kingsmill 50/50 Wraps and 50/50 Pitta Pockets, whilst Allied Bakeries offers over ten Bakery Favourites in total.
He also owns Gerardo's Italian Bakeries in Westboro, Sterling and Bolton.
Robin said: "It was a very thorough judging process where they looked at both our bakeries.
The owner explained that all the RAK-based bakeries use diesel in their work, and that diesel can easily cause a black colour on the bread, which could be the only mistake of the staff in his bakery.
MINNEAPOLIS-BASED GENERAL MILLS BAKERIES & FOODSERVICE is helping retailers put their in-store bakery departments in the winner's circle with its "Be Race Ready" promotion that ties into NASCAR by leveraging the power of the No.
Summary: Lebanon's bakeries announced on Wednesday that they would hike the price of Arabic bread from LL1,5000 to LL2,000 on Thursday, in a move strongly criticized by the Economy Ministry as both illegal and "unjustifiable.