baked goods

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foods (like breads and cakes and pastries) that are cooked in an oven

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In particular, cookies, pies, cupcakes and other baked goods that fit within Hill & Valley's sugar free/no sugar added brand positioning are of interest, especially if the company has revenues between $2.
Lighter Bake is a product for people who want to cut the fat in their homemade baked goods -- without cutting the flavor," said Erin Hull, Sunsweet vice president of marketing.
Baker's Secret(R) consumers use this line of metal bakeware because it provides even baking results, easy release of baked goods and effortless cleanup.
Asia is a key growth area for Campbell, one of the world's premier manufacturers of highest quality baked goods.
The new breakfast breads and English muffins join new Sara Lee Made with Whole Grain Plain Bagels to form a full breakfast portfolio that pairs whole grain and refined grain in products that have the taste, appearance and texture of mainstream baked goods.
Newberry Specialty Bakers' award-winning pastry chef, Ford Culbertson, and the team of bakers and distributors provide branded and private-label baked goods to well-known food service, retail groceries, and club stores.
based Dawn Food Products, manufacturer of Weight Watchers Sweet Baked Goods line.
The flour allows manufacture of products which look and taste like conventional baked goods but offer the nutritional value of conventional whole grain products.
Starting next year, New York City restaurants will have to prepare their fried foods and baked goods with more healthful oils and fats after the New York City Board of Health voted Tuesday to ban artificial trans fats in city restaurants.
PE food packaging films include wrappings for baked goods, candy, cheese, meat, seafood, and poultry; fresh produce bags; self-serve and wet-pack bags; bag-in-box liquid packaging; boil-in bags; deli bags and wrap; carton liners and slug wrap; snack-food packaging; and frozen-food packaging and ice bags.
With the ongoing boom in frozen baked goods sales [see story on pages 68-70 of this issue], a spotlight will shine brightly on this sector.
In its line of all-natural baked goods, Wholly Healthy says "no" to many standard baking ingredients such as bleached flour, hydrogenated fats, artificial colors, preservatives and flavors.
What: A seasonal Saturday morning market providing an array of locally grown produce and local artisans crafts, including both organic and conventional produce, Jake's Farm certified organic, a variety of golden and berry plants, edible flowers, hostas and other perennials, farm fresh eggs, local honey, jams and jellies, home baked goods, and local artisan crafts.
The Enjoy Organic Company is ditching its grocery lines to concentrate on baked goods, in a move which will bring it under the control of RHM stablemate British Bakeries.