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creeping raspberry of north temperate regions with yellow or orange berries

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Knudsen said, "People were looking to buy partridgeberry and bakeapple jam--we looked for a suitable product but couldn't find one" (Newfoundland 2002).
Bill decided to try some bakeapple "drinkable berries.
We especially liked the Bakeapple and Barrens Blend.
Rodrigues' wild berry wines include blueberry, partridgeberry (labeled as "lingonberry"), bakeapple (labeled "wild cloudberry"), and black currant, while their strawberry and cranberry wines come from cultivated patches.
When the woman who Sean didn't hit with his motorcycle told us about the bakeapple festival, we tried to picture apple trees in Labrador.
Rita, who is originally from Flower's Cove, often demonstrates the difference in the bakeapple crops to guests through the foods she serves.
And bakeapple is a berry that loses its colour very quickly.
For example, A Treasury of Nova Scotia Heirloom Recipes claims bakeapple jam to be "distinctly Nova Scotia" (Hilchey 1967: 8).
Georges, bakeapple festivals in Garnish (Newfoundland) and Forteau (Labrador) in August, and West St.
In nearby Forteau, the Bakeapple Festival in August celebrates the golden-coloured berries, also called cloudberries, which grow in abundance along the coast.
The berries ripen one after the other across the province as the summer winds down and autumn begins: first the wild strawberries, blackberries and currants, followed by the highly prized bakeapples, (11) then raspberries, succeeded by squashberries and blueberries, and lastly corne the partridgeberries and marshberries (Gray 1977: 9,13; Omohundro 1994: 163-167; Pocius 1991: 127-130).
Because I mean we can get partridgeberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, squashberries, bakeapples .