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1,000 baiza equal 1 riyal-omani in Oman

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If you have one of the big banks set up operations there, that alone will be a very positive reinforcement for other banks to consider setting up a presence," Baiza said.
The entry fee will be 200 baiza for adults and 100 baiza for children above the age of 12 years.
Instead, he faxed a quotation from Victor Baiza of Buitron Funeral Homes.
Baiza - Jennifer and Tomas Baiza, of Eugene, a daughter.
Valeri, Asdrubal Ramos, and Ramos Baiza & Associates, Inc.
Stumpel-Hatami focuses on the themes of Baiza i's Sindbad's Eighth Voyage, a work tending to a traditional approach but open to Western influence as well.
Helped by guitarist Joe Baiza and drummer Steve Hodges, Watt reinforces his semi-profound observations with driving, seriously energetic music that sometimes paraphrases vintage thrash (``Topsiders''), but just as often abandons the rigors of verse and chorus to follow the open, exploratory currents of free-form jazz.
Subsequent to Bank Dhofar's disclosure on 30th of March 2015 regarding the approval of a rights issue of ordinary shares up to OMR 45 Million, the Board of Directors approved through resolution on 5th of April 2015, the rights ratio of 105 of new shares for every 1000 shares held by the shareholder as on Record Date, with the issue price of 275 baizas per share plus expenses of 1 baiza per share, i.
Referring to the regulations, owner of a barber shop said, "There will be an increase in charges from 50 to 100 baiza.
It is a wonA[degrees] derful opportunity to purchase quality literature for a fraction of the cost, and every baiza spent goes toward running the ship and providing for the crew, since GBA Ships is a nonA[degrees]profit organisation.
The company said in a statement that was published at MSM website that the company proposed initial and final cash dividend of 105 baiza for each share in 2012.
Now customers can enjoy calls to any place in the world at 49 Baiza per minute, every day from 8pm until 6am, said a statement from Nawras.
5 Baiza per KB, for the remainder of that time period.
The scrip for the company touched a low of 585 baiza on volumes of 831,000 shares before closing at 0.