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  • verb

Synonyms for bate

to become or cause to become less active or intense

Words related to bate

moderate or restrain

flap the wings wildly or frantically

Related Words

soak in a special solution to soften and remove chemicals used in previous treatments

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The first day in camp, I headed out with Steve to check baits and some of the Spypoint cameras Steve had running on the bait sites.
For example, many granular baits marketed for "fire ant control" are formulated using a defatted corn grit carrier impregnated with soya oil as the attractant, and 1 or more active ingredients (Kidd et al.
Nine-year-old Jake McConnell from Liverton Mines had a fantastic day with his grandad, going home with his limit including a nice 3lb 8oz rainbow, all caught on Rainbow Power Bait.
Simply don't allow bears to hit baits without being broadside or at a slightly quartering-away angle.
TERRO Outdoor Liquid Ant Bait Stakes provide an effective and long-term solution to control outdoor ant colonies.
The aim of this project is procurement and provision of vaccine baits for oral vaccination of wild animals; the bait drop will be carried out in a territory of 84 000 km2 once a year.
Traps, usually placed at a density of 25-75 per ha, are typically baited 2-6 times per week with low-value clupeid or catastomid fishes, or with commercially formulated crawfish baits.
Parasite control by substantially reducing intermediate host density (rodents) or by large-scale fox culling are far less promising strategies than delivering anthelminthic baits for foxes (4).
VIDA - As the regulatory worm turns, bait fishing may be nearing the end of its line on the upper McKenzie River.
Anglers who ventured out in the dark before dawn were able to catch several limits of trout by casting needlefish, rapalas, and Berkley baits.
Many of the baits mimic a fish's natural prey, such as insects, small fish, and frogs.
All exterminators need to be licensed just to buy the special chemical baits that are not sold over the counter.
The study, comprised of a series of nine Phase 2 trials, indicated that lemon sharks, which were conditioned to feed on mammalian flesh baits (i.
Most pros use a bait dehooker and believe baits live longer when you don't remove scales or the fish's natural coating.
Hounds are guaranteed to run bears off baits placed close to roads.