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  • verb

Synonyms for bate

to become or cause to become less active or intense

Words related to bate

moderate or restrain

flap the wings wildly or frantically

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soak in a special solution to soften and remove chemicals used in previous treatments

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A soft-tip spinning rod with 12-pound mono is Rosher's choice for catching sardines and other small baits with sabikis.
Also, the baits commonly used in such cases are highly favoured by livestock and non-target wildlife species.
I noticed other guys having good luck catching catfish on manufactured catfish baits," Culp says.
Application of protein baits mixed with a killing agent is a common and effective attract-and-kill approach to fruit fly management targeting female populations (Roessler 1989; Mangan 2014).
The baits were minced beef, minced chicken breast meat, minced sheep liver and canned sardine.
APHIS Wildlife Services and cooperators will begin distributing baits by aircraft and by vehicle beginning on or about Aug.
Steve has been running baited black bear hunts for years and has always had brown bears coming to many of his baits.
Baits: Orange Sparkle Power Bait Eggs, Chartreuse Sparkles Power Bait Eggs.
This tactic works well anytime, but particularly well when establishing fresh baits, as well as when bears are coming out of hibernation or during the spring breeding season.
Baits laden with oral rabies vaccines are important for the management of wildlife rabies in the United States (1).
ABSTRACT Two crawfish baits and several bait quantities were evaluated in 2 trials conducted from January through May in four 2.
Echinococcus multilocularis, the causative agent of zoonotic alveolar echinococcosis, can be controlled effectively by the experimental delivery of anthelminthic baits for urban foxes.
If adopted by the Fish and Wildlife Commission at its September meeting, the proposed rule change would mean an end to the use of worms, salmon eggs, Power Bait, sand shrimp and other popular baits on the most heavily stocked section of the river.
The technology of lures and baits in fishing has long advanced past the worm on a string--"Fishing Soft Baits in Saltwater: A Complete Guide to Rigs, Adaption, Techniques, and More" is a complete and comprehensive guide to the newer concept of soft baits, soft plastic imitations that seem to out perform most other baits.
In parts of the Pacific Northwest, bears love manzanita berries, so setting baits near manzanita thickets makes sense.