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harassment especially of a tethered animal

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Growers need to reduce alternative food sources to make baiting as effective as possible because bait aversion can be a real issue.
First bleeding sign was recorded on the 7th day of baiting while it continued to be observed on different days up to 14th day, mean being, 10.
Preference by Vespula germanica (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) for processed meats: implications for toxic baiting.
As for live baiting, he likes to slow troll one live bait on the surface and another bait 50 to 80 feet down on a downrigger in areas that he has either seen marlin or that show signs that marlin may be in the area (such as hoards of bait, current breaks, or other marlin favorable conditions).
Despite these efforts, 75% of persons who came in contact with a bait were unaware of the baiting operation.
During the first week of baiting we already had a handful hear pictures on the trail cam.
The study, which has been conducted annually by BASF Pest Control Solutions since 2007, found that 22% of farms are using four or more of the six key elements of best baiting practice, compared to 27% in 2009.
Baiting strategies that maximize crawfish catch at the lowest possible cost are important to profitability of commercial crawfish aquacultural producers.
Monthly baiting over a 45-month period was effective for long-lasting control.
Baiting is legal in all or parts of twenty-six states.
As Noonan kept track, other orcas in the park also started baiting gulls this way.
Just how a conservative Republican from a largely suburban district became a target of the nation's most powerful gun lobby while aligning himself with vocal animal-rights groups like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals on an issue that doesn't even affect his home state - California prohibits bear baiting - is its own political tale.
At least 2 days after the initial baiting period, each point was rebaited, such that every point was baited with both split and clumped bait types.
In 1995, a study by Jeff Short, Bruce Turner and Reg Carnamah from CSIRO, and Danielle Risbey from Murdoch University, tested the effectiveness of baiting feral cats with poisoned mice.
Baiting with META(R) based products increases the survival rate of fruits, vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants because of META(R)'s high efficacy rate in all conditions.