bait casting

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the single-handed rod casting of a relatively heavy (artificial) bait

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The program will include fly and bait casting demonstrations, knot tying, complimentary publications, hands-on aquatic projects, conservation ethics and volunteers to help those who need it.
Product Overview II-4 Fishing Equipment II-4 Types of Fishing Equipment II-4 Fishing Rods II-4 Fly Fishing Rods II-4 Spin Casting Rods II-4 Spinning Rods II-5 Ice Fishing Rods II-5 Ultra-Light Rods II-5 Surf Rods II-5 Standard Beachcasting II-5 Bass Rod II-5 Conventional Boat Rods II-5 Uptide Rods II-5 Specialist Rods II-6 Fishing Reels II-6 Spin-Casting Reel II-6 Bait Casting Reel II-6 Fly Reel II-6 Spinning Reel II-6 Fishing Lures II-6 Fishing Flies II-7 Fishing Bait II-7 Fishing Lines II-7 Fishing Hooks II-7 Fishing Nets II-8 Floats and Sinkers II-8 Fishing Techniques II-8 Angling II-8 Trolling II-8 Long-Line Fishing II-8 Snagging II-8
Spinning or bait casting gear spooled with 6- or8-pound test line will cast easily while not overpowering the smaller fish.
It can be used right-handed or left-handed, hooked up to an electronic screwdriver for automatic loading and used to load line on fly, saltwater or conventional bait casting reels.
Learn to use bait-casting reels - The most expensive, highest-tech rods and reels aren't necessary for Muskie fishing, but bait casting style reels are recommended.
Whether you prefer spinning gear or bait casting gear, go light--8-to 12-pound test at most, and use braided line as your mainline.
The $15 clinic will cover the basics of putting line on a reel, bait casting, spinning gear, working a variety of bass lures and how to flip and pitch.
The competition tested the guides' skills in a series of challenges including archery, fly casting, bait casting, air rifle, game calling, pack mule and endurance.