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Synonyms for bait

Synonyms for bait

something that attracts, especially with the promise of pleasure or reward

something that leads one into a place or situation from which escape is difficult

to torment with persistent insult or ridicule

to excite (another) by exposing something desirable while keeping it out of reach

Synonyms for bait

anything that serves as an enticement

something used to lure fish or other animals into danger so they can be trapped or killed

lure, entice, or entrap with bait

Related Words

attack with dogs or set dogs upon

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The length of this "stinger" is adjusted so that the aftmost hook can be embedded in the live bait just in back of its dorsal fin.
The first day in camp, I headed out with Steve to check baits and some of the Spypoint cameras Steve had running on the bait sites.
auropunctata to find the bait, feed, and return to the colony before the bait is rendered ineffective.
Bait & Kill is considered the first significant advancement in backyard mosquito control in more than a decade that effectively utilizes ATSB technology to bait and kill one of the world's most dangerous and annoying pests.
Bait: Power Bait Mice Tails (all varieties), Purple Nymph Power Bait.
The researchers treated 15 grass seed production fields and greenhouses with different types of slug bait and then spent 4 hours every night observing the foraging behavior of the worms.
Areas surrounding the Heart of Sharjah development where the Al Bait Hotel development is based will be closed, beginning with the Souk Al Arsah area in July.
A combination of fish + formulated bait in the same trap has been shown to be as, or more, effective than either fish or formulated bait used singly (Romaire & Osorio 1989; Huner et al.
Because the herons gathered so quickly, we concluded these birds regularly fished with bait at this location and could connect the presence of people with fish bait.
4%), whereas the trimonthly bait delivery in the co/b3 plots led to a significant decrease from 30.
VIDA - As the regulatory worm turns, bait fishing may be nearing the end of its line on the upper McKenzie River.
Fishing Soft Baits in Saltwater: A Complete Guide to Rigs, Adaption, Techniques, and More" is essential for any aspiring soft bait fisherman, and for community library nautical collections.
Josh Capelin, a 14-year-old from Pontypridd, used luncheon meat as bait and caught eight carp, with the biggest turning the scales to 16lb.
Early morning limits were recorded by anglers throwing Power Bait, and Berkley Gulp baits.