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1,000 baiza equal 1 riyal-omani in Oman

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The parking meter fee will be 100 baisas for each 30 minutes of parking, based upon Resolution 151/2016 of the Regulation on the use of Public Parking.
On the other hand, Al Hassan Engineering was the top loser, closing at 34 Baisa, a decline by 15%.
Before the fuel prices in January 2016, the price of diesel was 146 baisa a litre, while M95 cost 120 baisa.
Last year, as council chairwoman, Baisa helped broker a deal with Mayor Alan Arakawa to end curtailed solid waste services that began Aug.
The extra-ordinary general meeting of shareholders also approved to increase the issued share capital from OMR 203,851,068 divided into (2,038,510,684) shares to OMR 215,226,068 divided into (2,152,260,684) shares with a nominal value of 100 Baisa each.
86%, with its shares closing 10 baisa higher at a price of 0.
Nicaraguan exporters say this commitment includes selling the product outside the mechanisms of Baisa.
The shares traded as high as 835 baisa and as low as 667 baisa, reflecting the recent political risks in Arab stock markets and the events in Sohar.
However, if Nawras trades at 600 baisa or lower in the secondary market after retail investors (70 per cent of the allotees) sell their shares, it will converge to my fair value paradigm.
Gunduk Sultana, the daughter of a supplier said, "They are known as Gulal Gota, which is used for playing Holi, the seven generations of my father have been supplying it to the Kings since old time and even today we supply them to the King of the City Palace, Bhawani Singh JI and her daughter Baisa.
Considering there's 1,000 baisa to the Omani Riyal (dhs10), it's definitely great value for money.
MUSCAT: Shareholders in Bank Muscat yesterday backed the board's recommended 50 per cent dividend at the annual general meeting, The dividend will be paid at 50 baisa per share.
It is rare to find a new design material that covers all these important criteria," Baisa says.
Rug weavers must be treated as a valuable resource," Baisa said.
Don Baisa of Highland Park hoped his career in the Navy would boost his chances because the TSA is giving hiring preference to qualified candidates with military backgrounds.