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remove (water) from a boat by dipping and throwing over the side

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I remain confident that we will find an agreement today on the payment of the latest tranche of Greece's bailout," SchEnuble said as he arrived for talks in Luxembourg to discuss the delayed Greek bailout with his eurozone counterparts.
Ratings agency, Standard and Poor's (S&P) has warned that the proposed bailout of banks by the state could lead to the 'doom loop', Reuters has reported.
The post Greek PM sees perpetual bailouts if creditors fail to ease debt appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
While many people disagree about the wisdom of these transfers, they do not regard them as illegitimate in the same way that they often regard bailouts.
On Monday, Ms Merkel and other eurozone leaders struck a preliminary deal for a three-year bailout of Greece which is expected to be worth 85 billion euros (PS59 billion).
Britain Bugged Germany's Plan for BRICS Rescue Bailout for Greece in 2011
McKinley finds fault with the concept of bailouts and especially questions their need in 2008.
Before they received a $48 billion taypayer-funder bailout last November, four Spanish banks were forced to agree to lay off thousands of employees and close offices 6 a major blow to shareholders and bondholders who hoped for a soft knuckle-rapping.
Despite a recent agreement by the Euro group and the IMF on releasing further assistance for Greece under its bailout programme, the outlook for Euro zone economies remains weak and the region's sovereign debt crisis is likely to stay with us for a number of years, according to QNB Group.
Finland has not asked for collateral from Ireland or Portugal as its contributions to those bailouts are lower.
His party beat the anti-bailout Syriza party, which wanted to cancel Greece's international bailouts.
Not long after the savings and loan bailouts of the 1980s, reason's Rick Henderson caught wind of another potential bailout in the making--this time of the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), a Depression-era agency that guarantees private home loans against default.
Green asks why we remain so angered and frustrated by the bailouts of Wall Street and business, yet have failed to notice the long term, camouflaged and destructive bailout of the parents of our country's school children.
Republicans have been relentless in attacking President Obama's federal bailouts even though many Republicans voted for them--but flow many are calling Romney the "Bailout King.
Although the bailouts require Greece to introduce regulatory changes, labour market reforms and other steps to make its economy more competitive, it is still not clear if these will be enough to offset the fact that as a member of the euro zone, Greece cannot cut interest rates or depreciate its currency.