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the person who delivers personal property (goods or money) in trust to the bailee in a bailment

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In the ordinary course of business, a bank which is the bailor of goods from large numbers of depositors will expect that it is unlikely to experience large demands for withdrawal relative to the total deposits at any one time.
Generally, a bailee or nominee is an agent of the bailor.
Bernard Bailor, member of Caplin & Drysdale in Washington, D.
The relation between the bank and depositor in such a case is that of bailee and bailor.
On Monday, lead prosecutor DPP Noorin Badaruddin applied for a warrant of arrest to be issued against Uthayakumar and a show cause notice to his bailor.
He and his wife of 49 years, the former Bertha Bailor were married May 1, 1954.
the fiduciary can testing and storage) exercise power or after which the property discretion that can is either returned to influence legal or the bailor or disposed practical interests of of in accordance with the beneficiary; and (3) the contract.
He has 46 plate appearances, the longest streak without a strikeout to begin a major-league career since Bob Bailor had 51 plate appearances without a strikeout.
Bailor, Reida Boyd, Cassandra Dukes, Timothy Eller, Albert R.
The doctors at the institute refused to consent to the transfer, and the court determined that the institute was a bailor of the plaintiffs' property and had an absolute obligation to return the property when asked.
Bailor and Bailee: When a banker takes charge of his customer's valuables becomes a bailee or trustee.
In general, a modern-day bailment can be defined as the relationship created by the transfer of delivery of possession of personal property only (not real property) without transfer of title, by one person called the bailor to another called the bailee for the accomplishment of a certain purpose, after which the property is to be returned by the bailee to the bailor or dispersed of according to the bailor's directions.
After a sentence such as "In a bailment for the benefit of the bailor, the bailee is gratuitously possessing the property and is required only to use prudent care", the reader is provided with an illustrative example in easily understood terms.
Season 11 Contestants Jay and Jennifer Jacobs and Author Jonathan Bailor Expose the Myth of Eating Less and Exercising More As a Way to Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss
Jim Bailor, assistant fire chief of the Lorane Rural fire district, said at 9:15 p.