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the delivery of personal property in trust by the bailor to the bailee

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239) In more recent times, agistment is considered to be a "a type of bailment in which a person, for a fee, allows animals to graze on his or her pasture.
361) The real estate equivalent to bailment is the leasehold tenancy.
Selgin provides "circumstantial evidence consisting of (1) goldsmiths' practice of paying interest, or at least not charging any fees, to holders of their deposits and notes, which indicated that debts rather than bailments were being contracted; and (2) the lack of any contemporary testimony, in court or otherwise, to the effect that goldsmiths embezzled money placed with them for safekeeping" (2012, 6-7).
Both the conversion and bailment examples demonstrate that property
In contrast to licenses and bailments, leases in general are treated as property interests that give the lessee the right of exclusive possession, and the tenant, unless prohibited by the terms of the lease or by law, would be allowed to use the property in the tenant's business.
0 million reduction in credit/debit card and ATM income, the result of reduced ATM bailment fees, which are linked to the prime rate, from Cash Connect, a division of WSFS Bank.
William Jones, An Essay on the Law of Bailments (London, 1781) (3d ed.
Recent claims involving bailments to auction houses offer
This provision applies to contracts, bailments, mortgages, trusts, security instruments, and similar obligations.
Although the rules of the Pundits concerning succession to property, the punishment of offences, and the ceremonies of religion, are widely different from ours, yet, in the great system of contracts and the common intercourse between man and man, the POOTEE of the Indians and the DIGEST of the Romans are by no means dissimilar' (Essay on the Law of Bailments (London: Dilly, 1781), p.
Take two examples from the political community: government and bailments.
But any analysis of Chinese law, whether it be sale law, contract law, law of bailments, etc.
Although commercial relations were not the main focus of the laws, provisions were included dealing with partnerships,(138) bailments,(139) and debt.