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the delivery of personal property in trust by the bailor to the bailee

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Allocating the Burden of Proof in Bailment Agreements Involving Missing Cattle Grazed on Public Rangeland: Comia v.
duty to resist the debtor's attempt to end the bailment.
Suppose the corpus of a gift already lies in the donee's possession as a bailment.
From this evidence, it is clear that the keeping of fractional reserves within the Chettiar system stemmed from debt contracts and not from bailments.
See also Smith, "Critical Resource Theory", supra note 1 at 1412-15; Frankel, "Fiduciary Law", supra note 1 ("[c]ourts currently examine existing prototypes, such as agency, trust, or bailment that are defined as fiduciary.
This arrangement has the form of a pure deposit contract, which is a bailment of goods.
Hence, the proper economic interpretation of a demand deposit or bank note is that the deposit or bank note is a bailment or warehouse receipt, not a credit instrument.
1989) (holding that when embryos were deposited in a fertility clinic's freezer, a bailment was created); Kass v.
Both the conversion and bailment examples demonstrate that property
The consortium is made up of ADP subsidiary Aeroports de Paris Management (ADPM) and French construction company Bouygues Bailment International.
They discuss the political and legal system of the Netherlands, the distinctions between public and private law and between civil and commercial law, contract formation, conditions of substantive validity, the contents of a contract, third persons, the end of a contract, and special topics like agency, bailment, gaming and wagering, sale of goods, building contracts, lease, contracts with government and other public administrations, and quasi-contracts.
The word " bailment," from the French 1 bailier" means the delivery of goods in trust for safe conveyance; with an implied condition that, after the trust shall have been fulfilled, the said goods will have to be dealt with in accordance with sender's instructions.
In 1996, after being in storage for a decade and a half, the YC-15 returned to flight status on bailment to Douglas to carry out research under the new C-X program, which led to today's C-17 Globemaster III airlifter.
The money in such an account is held by the bank as a bailment, in trust for the depositor.
Only a very obtuse shopper or worker, or one prone to great flights of fancy, could, upon being offered such tokens as change or in payment of wages, have construed the pledges they bore as indicating any sort of bailment.