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Synonyms for Bailey

United States singer (1918-1990)

English lexicographer who was the first to treat etymology consistently

the outer courtyard of a castle

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the outer defensive wall that surrounds the outer courtyard of a castle

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It started as the wreck of the simple Swiss family who looked up and saw the butter tree, but soon a glorious inspiration of the night turned it into the wreck of David A and Oliver Bailey.
He looked at Bailey, and Bailey signalled him to be firm.
This tame ending bored Bailey, and he drifted away from us, but David still walked by my side, and he was grown so quiet that I knew a storm was brewing.
Occasionally other trials than those of the Old Bailey would be included in the package of books we received from London; among these my husband found and read with avidity:--
I hope Maria Bailey is all he thinks her," she added, softly, "for I could n't bear to have him disappointed again.
And Polly's face changed so beautifully that Fan hugged her on the spot, fervently wishing that Maria Bailey never had been born.
Western news continued vague, for Fan's general inquiries produced only provokingly unsatisfactory replies from Tom, who sang the praises of "the beautiful Miss Bailey," and professed to be consumed by a hopeless passion for somebody, in such half-comic, half-tragic terms, that the girls could not decide whether it was "all that boy's mischief," or only a cloak to hide the dreadful truth.
For Ned was so absorbed in business that he ignored the whole Bailey question and left them in utter darkness.
Miss Larkins, laughing, draws her hand through my arm, and says, 'Now take me back to Captain Bailey.
cries the captain, catching up the ball and sending it high above the rook trees, while the third Marylebone man walks away from the wicket, and old Bailey gravely sets up the middle stump again and puts the bails on.
In 2008, the Baileys sold nearly all of the company's assets to their son's company.
Baileys has introduced two new flavors to its Irish Cream line - Baileys Caramel and Baileys Mint Chocolate.
The Baileys, from whom Bailey Hill is named, lived just east of the road to the Oak Hill Cemetery.
The Baileys had never been approached by Lenhart, the city of Mesa, or any of the other investors about selling their property before or during the process in which the city issued its request for proposals to redevelop the site.
Diageo is hoping to build on the on-trade success of Baileys Lattes with a gift pack which enables consumers to make the coffee drink at home.