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the agent to whom property involved in a bailment is delivered

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The principal legal issues are therefore likely to be whether the incoming possessor is an involuntary bailee and, if so, what are his/her obligations.
The duty of an involuntary bailee was to do what was right and reasonable, the practical effect of which depended upon the findings of fact in each case.
The person transferring possession of the property is called the bailor; the person receiving possession is the bailee.
Possession of the personal property must be transferred to the bailee.
A bailment is the legal relationship in which one party, the ballot, has entrusted possession of personal property to the other, the bailee, with the understanding that the identical property will be returned to the bailor, unless something else has been agreed between the two.
In conclusion, when a person parks his automobile in a garage by receiving a ticket from an automated machine, choosing his own space, and taking his keys with him, the garage is not a bailee and is not liable in the absence of negligence on its part," the judges wrote in their opinion.
Law enforcement agencies, the armed services, other arms of the State and public authorities become bailees by voluntarily taking possession of goods that belong to another.
Given such complexity of aims and terms, it is perhaps surprising that so few disputes involving the relations between bailors and bailees of cultural objects have come to court.
Parking operators have therefore been held responsible as bailees for the predictable contents of cars parked with them, (26) and an airline has been responsible as a bailee for banknotes consigned in special orange bags reserved for valuables.
In this respect they were like bailees who, in breach of their mandate, hold the goods in some place other than that which the contract or bailment requires.
Unfortunately for Ms Deakin, the Judge rejected the argument that a term to this effect should be implied, and the duty in bailment was held to have been discharged by the bailees.
v) Did the Defendant have a common law right, as bailee, to make inquiries into the Claimant's title?
They were mere involuntary bailees and owed only a duty to allow the chattel lessor to collect the goods when the lessor called for them.
They should get a written agreement with their bailees, determine in advance the fees payable in every contingency, tender the correct amount, formalise the bailee's estoppel into an explicit and overriding commitment on the part of the bailee, and commit the bailee to return on demand regardless of whatever emerges from other quarters.
Interestingly, publishers might also require a bailee policy, depending upon the ownership rights of works kept on site.