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the agent to whom property involved in a bailment is delivered

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On set, Bailee serenaded Alex, 17, with lip-synch renditions of Taylor Swift's greatest hits while he cheered her on with cute quips like, "You look gorgeous, babe
As against a buyer, the seller can stop delivery of goods in transit until (i) the buyer received the goods, (ii) the bailee, other than a carrier, acknowledges to the buyer that it is holding the goods for the buyer, (iii) the carrier transporting the goods acknowledges to the buyer that the carrier is holding the goods for the buyer by either reshipping them in accordance with the buyer's instructions or holding them at the buyer's warehouse, or (iv) a negotiable document of title for the goods has been issued or negotiated to the buyer.
The duty of an involuntary bailee was to do what was right and reasonable, the practical effect of which depended upon the findings of fact in each case.
Bailee, a Korean playing in the Interclub for the first time, submitted a score of 48 points - six-over par 77 in stroke play - but a review of his scorecard showed some discrepancies in hole-by-hole scores.
The groom's sister, Bailee O'Hara Weyrens, served as junior bridesmaid.
Plummer; his godchildren, Bailee, Jacob and Tyler Duquette; his cat, Maggie; and his beloved dog, Tank.
For years, the coffee industry, in respect to coffee owners and third party bailee warehouses, has been operating under a traditional insurance relationship underpinned solely by legal liability.
The purchaser remains the trustee/ bailee on behalf of the financier or the financial institution, it added.
In the above context for example warehouse to warehouse clause, change of voyage clause or bailee clause and the like which may render a claim prejudiced through sheer negligence or ignorance of the insured.
Secret Sensations, which launches in January, will be available in Chocolate Fondant and Creme Bailee flavours.
In an action to recover damages based upon a bailee's negligence, the bailor must establish not only that a bailment relationship existed, but that the bailee failed to exercise the required standard of care in maintaining the goods.
It also stars Guy Pearce and 11-year-old Bailee Madison, who said Katie made sure she did not get overwhelmed by the creepy theme of the movie by making them have "dance parties and cupcakes".
Dirigida por Troy Nixey Protagonizan: Katie Holmes, Guy Pearce, Bailee Madison.
Instead of waiting for the original paper note to be shipped to the warehouse lender after closing, and then shipping the note to the investor under bailee letter, the warehouse lender receives the eNote a few seconds after it's signed and can immediately eDeliver it to the investor to examine for purchase.
BROTHERS (15) Starring: Tobey Maguire, Natalie Portman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Bailee Madison, Taylor Geare, Carey Mulligan.