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someone who plays the bagpipe

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A suite from Britten's opera Gloriana follows before perhaps one of the most spectacular performances of the night when the orchestra is joined by Robert Jordan, one of the UK's leading bagpipers.
The town bagpiper acted as an unusual alarm clock for Liverpool's forefathers,playing traditional airs outside their window in the early hours of the morning to call them to their civic duties.
His firm also produce Bagpiper Whisky, which has long been his home nation's most popular brand.
The main highlight was a performance by renowned Yorkshire-based bagpiper Ed Arnold.
I RECENTLY read in one of the Echo's sister papers that a bagpiper in Dorset was arrested for causing distress.
Selections from Schwanda the Bagpiper (and what a lovely polka that is) mixed in with The Nutcracker, Leroy Anderson, Schubert and Waldteufel which pleased the customers who packed the hall.
Outside, the haunting melody of a lone bagpiper playing Amazing Grace cut through the air,blending with the peal of church bells, summoning mourners from around the town.
There will also be entertainment from bagpiper Lorne MacDougall, who played on the soundtrack of Disney movie Brave, as well as poetry and an aerial dance performance.
As well as scouting, Mr Whitwham was a gifted bagpiper and went on to become theWest Riding County Fire Service band's pipe major, becoming known as Peter Piper.
To add to the festivities, Navigation Point will be abuzz with entertainment including songs by Hartlepool Community Choir, performances by the Walking Tall stiltwalkers, tunes from Highland bagpiper Derek Millmoor, a parade of local children with special boat-shaped lanterns and marches by Hartlepool Sea Cadets.
A bagpiper played hymns while a chaplain prayed for peace and for those who suffered.
Scottish bagpiper Alasdair Malloy will preside over the Hogmanay festivities at a special concert in the Philharmonic Hall tonight.
Skibo's resident bagpiper will then herald the arrival of the star guests, who will be offered refreshments in the entrance hall before being shown to their rooms.
BAGPIPER Matthew McCall entertained shoppers outside a Holmfirth charity shop.