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someone who plays the bagpipe

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They are found in several cultures but are most commonly identified with the Scottish highlands with the image of a bagpiper in a kilt and a tall hat paying a solo bagpipe.
And in the distant background, you will clearly hear the faint sounds and see the still silhouette of a lone bagpiper, proudly piping the band's colors into the dusk of the day Day is done, gone the sun .
The actor was recently seen shooting for a Bagpiper soda commercial and looked absolutely comfortable in the skin of the character, a quality that can be seen across his work.
A cousin of Khader's, 17-year-old bagpiper Muhannad Bannoura, says that despite playing for five years he's still a little nervous for the Christmas festivities.
The cake took flight alongside a hundred other balloons, including ones shaped like a Scottish bagpiper, a turtle, and a peacock.
Apart from accounts of the history of the festival and all kinds of anecdotes associated with it (for example how a certain bagpiper from England was afraid of crossing the frontier into socialist Czechoslovakia), a great deal of time is devoted to the history of the instrument, the technique of play and tuning, and the instrumental sets in which the bagpipes have appeared.
At his burial, a bagpiper representing the West Point Military Academy reminded us of his stellar military career, which included rounding up and interviewing more than 500 German generals following World War Two (in chateaux outside of Paris, he told me).
A local firefighter lit a candle of remembrance and a bagpiper sounded the lament.
True to form the Scots had brought their own bagpiper so they had no problem with 'Flower of Scotland' but the match officials were at a loss to how best project 'Mae hen wlad fy nhadau' to the waiting Welsh crowd and players.
As the bagpiper began to play Amazing Grace, Baker initiated the candle-lighting and participants passed the flame from one person to another.
A bagpiper plays "Amazing Grace" for a joint ceremony by the 598th Transportation Group and the U.
Mark: I was four times English champion as a solo bagpiper.
The race will be heralded by a bagpiper playing the pipes on the Richmond Lawn, with racegoers invited to sing the national anthem.
The author mentions a woman, Catherine MacLennan, a bagpiper in the second half of the nineteenth century but leaves unanswered a number of interesting questions: to what extent was it typical for a woman to study bagpiping?