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Then they knocked up a little place for him at the bottom of the garden, about quarter of a mile from the house, and made him take the machine down there when he wanted to work it; and sometimes a visitor would come to the house who knew nothing of the matter, and they would forget to tell him all about it, and caution him, and he would go out for a stroll round the garden and suddenly get within earshot of those bagpipes, without being prepared for it, or knowing what it was.
There is, it must be confessed, something very sad about the early efforts of an amateur in bagpipes.
You want to be in good health to play the bagpipes.
One joyful night, therefore, I noted down the music of the parliamentary bagpipes for the last time, and I have never heard it since; though I still recognize the old drone in the newspapers, without any substantial variation (except, perhaps, that there is more of it), all the livelong session.
In addition to telling stories, singing songs, and playing bagpipes and (these days) electric guitars, the Ceilidh is an occasion for dancing.
In conclusion, regardless of how strong the pressure of modernizing tendencies will be and how far new ways of playing bagpipes will depart from the traditional Gaelic ways, bagpiping is likely to remain the cultural icon of Scottish highlanders and a stereotype integrating outsiders' imagination about them.
HAD it not been for the cost of tartan and bagpipes, Cleveland Police Band may never have become what it is today.
Here he synthesizes his quarter century of research into such matters as bagpipe construction, its play in Scotland, its arrival in the New World, evolving traditions there, piping in the army, and the end of the era.
Preservation was the mother of invention: The society's annual pageants, The Guardian reports, "helped create the 'stage Highlander,' a largely invented character who played bagpipes designed specially for these events.
He devoted much of his time to making, playing and collecting bagpipes.
New members are being sought for West Midlands Fire Service's bagpipe band.
There will be a public concert of bagpipe music in the abbey after the conference.
A SWEDE hopes to become a champion moose hunter - with the aid of bagpipes.
But in Wales it will be something unique and hopefully the country will be proud to have its own bagpipe troupe.
A combination bagpipe, pipe organ, and player piano elegantly jury-rigged mostly out of materials you might find at your local Home Depot and RadioShack, Uberorgan is a behemoth sound-producing instrument.