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a building containing public baths

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E contento, perche non gli piaceva metterci nel bagnio.
One wrote to George Melly, the Liverpudlians, raconteur, boozer, blues singer, writer and general high-liver: "I cannot and will not tolerate this house becoming a common bagnio, a sponge house, a place of assignation, a pimp's brothel, or for Mick Mulligan to bring his doxies here and perform his strange tribal rites with them in the early hours of the morning.
I just can't get this here mysticism that includes running a CP bagnio with Gypsy Rose Lee and other such capers.
While Fuchs's primary critical focus has been less on dramatic than on narrative genres--although, with Aaron Ilika, she has given us the gift of new translations of two of Cervantes' neglected plays, The Bagnios of Algiers and The Great Sultana--she has often commented perceptively on English Renaissance theater.
Having lived in Algiers, Morgan would have seen returning corsairs with their booty and hapless captives, drudging along the streets to the bagnios of slavery.