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a racketeer assigned to collect or distribute payoff money

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and bagmen curled into their inmost snail chambers,
Speaking of bagmen, I'm still looking for work hoping to have something sorted out by the end of the week.
Arnold and his bagmen have driven California like drunken spring-break frat boys with a rental car.
Some Bush supporters are decent and intelligent, and yet they're knowingly returning to the White House an embarrassingly inept, ignorant, incurious, and unfeeling figurehead for the worst conventicle of religious nuts, plutocrats, and petrochemical bagmen ever to lay hold of our federal government.
It's alleged the London-based drug baron was furious that two bagmen may have siphoning the profits of his Irish operation.
PLAYERS union officials have been painted as grasping bagmen for mega-rich soccer stars.
The '96 Clinton-Gore campaign enlisted communist Beijing bagmen to
A police insider said: "An American claiming to be a close aide in the Tyson camp told us the bagmen would fly out of Manchester soon after the fight.
As part of the new pitch regulations, workmen, who perform the tasks of clerks, bagmen and tic-tacs, must complete an Application for Approval as an Authorised Workman by Wednesday.