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Synonyms for baggy

Synonyms for baggy

not fitting closely

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For instance, you might see a 12-year-old boy wearing a backpack, baseball cap, patches on baggy jeans, colorful flannel shirt and hiking boots.
CLOWN- bright colored baggy pants, frilly shirt, big shoes, loud tie, funny wig, plastic nose
According to Warne, a player does not need to wear the baggy green be proud to play for Australia, adding that he used to sulk at first slip for the first hour while wearing the baggy green cap.
West Marine's new Colorblock Swim Trunks are similar in design to the Baggy style with a high-density nylon outer fabric and cool mesh inner brief.
The most valuable to date has been the baggy green worn by Bradman during the 1948 Invincibles tour, sold for 402,500 dollars by Leski in December 2008.
They also noted students who don long shirts over baggy pants, a get-up that can conceal weapons.
Baggy Stuff is focusing on the continuing development of an up and coming sportswear line of apparel known as "Legendary Rock.
Students can opt out of the wardrobe policy, but they are still required to follow the existing district dress code, which bars clothes baring midriff or chest, baggy and saggy pants and items that advocate drugs, alcohol or tobacco, or are sexually suggestive.
With the new policy, district officials also are attempting to regulate the latest fashion trends, where girls' pants are stamped with handprints and ``bootylicious'' written on the seat and boys' boxer shorts hang out of their baggy pants.
And ``Barbershop's'' Troy Garity looked hip-hop cool in baggy attire as he tried to maneuver through the crowd.
I wasn't sure if it was a baggy or one of the paper envelope things,'' Noftsier said.
Baggy clothes, too much cleavage and bad-hair days at the Oscars don't get past Mr.
Baggy pants were the fashion battleground at schoolyards a few years ago, but district administrators said there haven't been many challenges lately to school dress codes.
According to Bokman, younger techno-music lovers (those under 21) like to go to Florentine Gardens and Arena, where you'll see girls with pastel nail polish, baggy pants and tiny tops worn braless and fake tattoos.
He tells them to look around because everybody's dressed almost the same - in mainly baggy clothes.