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Synonyms for baggy

Synonyms for baggy

not fitting closely

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Aksel created a line of original shirts that avoid the traditional dress shirt pitfalls of sagging collars and overall bagginess.
The No Iron Oxford now features gussets at the side seams for untucked wear and two pleats on the sleeve, instead of three, for less bagginess.
A machine audit can't diagnose issues like bagginess, which is caused by film quality problems.
She's balanced out the bagginess with a loosefitting shirt.
I always tie it while in demi-pointe because that is when there's the biggest gap and where there's the most bagginess on the side.
By adjusting the position of the bow, relative to the web blow, the roll tightens the center or the edges of web compensating for bagginess that can result in wrinkles.
Wear your denim slim-fitting - no Deep South gas service station bagginess here - and your blouses puff sleeve.
Bagginess of the upper and lower eyelids is one of the most obvious signs of ageing.
His trousers being of a bagginess to house an entire set of matching luggage without serious interruption to their designer drape, Gazza's carrying of a handbag had to be less a practical consideration than a fashion statement.
a Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon, is featured this September in Harper's Bazaar, the iconic magazine which epitomizes all that is sophisticated in fashion and beauty, discussing a non-surgical alternative for those looking to undergo anti-aging treatment to cure dark circles, hollowness or bagginess under the eyes.
W&H showed an MDO light annealing station for removing the bagginess in film (1.
In fact, I've recommended it to a friend who has wanted her stomach tucked for six years, since her son was born, as she loathes her stretch marks and bagginess.
What you said: `This reduced the bagginess so much the difference before and after was really obvious.
The Multinip also has a collapsing frame as much as 6 ft longer than before to reduce wrinkles and bagginess in the film.