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Synonyms for bagger

a workman employed to pack things into containers

a machine for putting objects or substances into bags

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We needed a VFFS bagger that could run faster to meet our growing demand for 1- to 3-ounce bags that was also easy to use," said Craig Chauncey, plant manager at Ellis Coffee.
By year end, the Company plans to open six additional Bagger Dave's restaurants and three additional Buffalo Wild Wing's restaurants.
The bagging lines utilize Gough Econ bucket elevators to feed Yamato scales above the Bosch baggers.
The new Buffalo Wild Wings outlet is located in the Largo Mall complex, in Largo; while new Bagger Dave's is located inside the Bloomfield Plaza Shopping Center, in Bloomfield.
Duffey Petrosky will partner with Bagger Dave's on all aspects of advertising and marketing, including strategic direction for the brand, creative services and media across all categories.
The Baggers are unique, they are on the spot, they can react quickly, they're working with people they know and they're having an impact.
On the subject of the "Tool Kit," the 33-point package of legislative initiatives tied to reforming local government spending, "we are changing the debate from status quo--more money for everything every year, and the adverse economic consequences that leads to--to an understanding that we have to make choices," Bagger said.
The first two investigators of the study initially contacted Mianne Bagger through e-mail to inform her about the purpose of the research and to ask if she would be willing to participate.
The VS bagger runs both polyethylene and laminated wicketed bags and can handle bag lengths of 6-20ft and 6-14ft.
Diversified Restaurant Holdings Inc (OTCBB: DFRH), a US-based holding company and franchiser of full-service, casual restaurant and bar, Bagger Dave's Legendary Burger Tavern, and Buffalo Wild Wings franchisee, has announced its results for fourth quarter and fiscal year ended December 25, 2011.
As well as showcasing its new PE offering, ma further highlighted its focus on total system integration and flexibility, by demonstrating its robagFX 3ci high performance bagger combined with an intelli-weigh 0314, hyper-detect 5 and a new auto-splice system.
Bagger served as a State Senator for New Jersey from 2001-2003 and before that served for ten years in the New Jersey General Assembly.
Before developing the new bagger, Marshall modified an existing commercial automatic bagger using design improvements that could easily be adapted to other baggers.
But Bagger recently opened the newspaper to find a very different description of himself as the poster child for government waste.
Persuading Junuh to get his swing back for the match falls to caddy Bagger Vance (Will Smith) in this inspiring film.