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an attendant who takes care of baggage

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Them's the high-jumpers," said the first baggageman.
But what the baggageman did not know was that in the towns the hell was not mitigated, that the dogs were still confined in their too-narrow prisons, that, in fact, they were life-prisoners.
What the baggageman did not know, and what Peterson did know, was that of these thirty-five dogs not one was a surviving original of the troupe when it first started out four years before.
83) There was no possibility of an African American trainmen becoming a conductor, baggageman, or flagman.
It prompted the WRU to provide two of their full-time officials - Hugh Watkins and Nigel Owens - with the other touch-judge being the Welsh national side's baggageman Martin Payne, a centre at Cardiff HSOB and a novice referee.