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an area in an airport where arriving passengers can collect the luggage that has been carried in the hold of the aircraft

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Jan 8 ( ANI ): The Terminal 4 of New York's John F Kennedy International Airport have been shut down after flooding due to a water main break at the baggage claim area.
The Girl at the Baggage Claim is the first step toward bridging the gap.
Additional concourse restrooms and baggage claim restroom upgrades,
Duarte would slightly alter the spelling of his name on the baggage claim form so that the airline would not know that the same person was filing numerous lost luggage claims.
Lines at curbside check-in; lines at the ticket kiosks; lines at security; lines at baggage claim.
Most recently, the final touches were made to Tampa's Ticketing and Baggage Claim Curbside Modernization project.
Passengers also don't like it because of the hold-ups at immigration and baggage claim.
The two new video walls, said to be part of the airport's USD92m capital improvement programme, were installed in June and provide real-time flight information, tourism promotions and retail advertising to passengers in the newly renovated baggage claim area.
During the pilot our agents in Prague were able to offer prompt service to passengers allowing them to quickly file a baggage claim.
The blast ripped through the baggage claim area at the biggest airport in the Russian capital.
Russia's rouble-dominated stock market MICEX fell by nearly two percent following the blast, which ripped through the baggage claim area at Moscow's Domodedovo airport at 1332 GMT.
Waiting at baggage claim with Gwynnie, Mark, 30, told us: "It's a nightmare.
Through this partnership, travellers booking through Concur's services have immediate access and full availability of flight status information such as delays, cancellations, terminal/gate updates and baggage claim information.
Allow plenty of time to deplane and get through baggage claim.
They were not willing to give me the lost baggage claim form as the baggage was not lost, only some items were stolen from it.