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a railway car where passengers' bags are carried

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The baggage car will have bike racks that when not in use, will collapse to make room for other luggage.
Kulm pointed out Amtrak trains and stations lack security systems seen at airports, baggage cars that are separate from passenger areas and a secure baggage loading area.
The converted baggage car was part of a Union Pacific freight train that left Woodland, in Northern California, in mid-February.
Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit held that using a dog to sniff luggage on a train baggage car did not constitute a search.
Born in 1869, Gandhi felt the slap of prejudice as a young man when he was ordered to the baggage car with other people of color during a train trip in South Africa.
Each train consists of a locomotive, baggage car, five or six sleeper cars (depending on ridership), two dining cars, a club car, and a parlor lounge/observation car.
The first car type now in field testing is a baggage car and will be used on all 15 long-distance routes across the Amtrak national system.
1907: A transient riding in the blind baggage car on a northbound train fell off in Cottage Grove and lost the toes of his left foot when the wheel ran over him.
A railway buff converses with passengers as he makes his way to the rear of the Budd car to savour a moment in North America's only original baggage car built by the Budd Company in the early 1950s.
The eight-car sets are expected to contain a baggage car and additional luggage racks.
The Promontory, a Union Pacific Railroad 1962-vintage baggage car, has been transformed into a state-of-the-art traveling museum.
Each state-of-the art train set will feature reserved coach class seating for 206 customers and custom class seating for 45 customers -- both offering wheelchair accessibility, a Bistro Car serving lights snacks and beverages "to-go" or "at-counter" seating, a Dining Car featuring "at-table" service, a baggage car equipped with bicycle racks and storage space for skis and snow boards, and an End Service Car generating electrical, audio and video and air conditioning power.
In the midst of the train is a former baggage car, "Council Bluffs," which will serve as a dance hall, complete with the Hi-Beams, a country-and-western band, on the trip home.
There was a slight breeze blowing through the compartments and salons from the coaches' open windows; wafting in from the train's baggage car, which houses a gift shop, snack bar and the restrooms, was the smell of steamed franks.
What was once a baggage car, though, is now the kitchen.