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a railway car where passengers' bags are carried

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All three cars - a baggage car and two sleeper cars - are fully upright," Mr Abrams told the Associated Press yesterday.
One of the main attractions was a baggage car converted into a small, traveling museum of sorts that housed an exhibit on the railroad's history and artifacts like an 1862 slice of rail, a rusty pick ax head and timetables boasting of 1,500,000 acres of "Choice Farming Lands.
VIA Rail spokesperson Catherine Kalout-sky said the baggage car will be the first one to be delivered for the Sudbury-White River route, just in time for peak period, starting in June through to September.
how on earth is it a step toward "broader gun rights" for the good senators to install a new system which requires us to unload our firearms, lock them in a box, and hand them to some railroad employee to seal them Up in the baggage car for the duration of our trip?
As the baggage car goes up in pieces, Sundance says to Butch, "Think 'ya might have used a little too much dynamite there, Butch?
So, he had the car shipped back in a train boxcar and our two dogs returned in the baggage car.
Rather, it soon became an established technique to get the drop on the engineer and fireman and then force the brake-man to uncouple the baggage car from the rest of the train (as the baggage car was usually coupled right behind the tender, and the entire procedure could often be performed without the passenger's awareness) and chug with it to some deserted siding.
Here, their bar codes are scanned before they are placed in special containers, which are then locked, sealed, and taken to the airport in a dedicated baggage car coupled to each train.
The first baggage car was constructed at Mount Clare (February 1834), and the first "refectory" or dining cars were also built there and placed in service (September 1843).
One day on a train, the conductor ordered Gandhi to ride in the baggage car.
Museum volunteers have been trying to repair the converted baggage car in time for a July 4 display at Fillmore.
Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit held that using a dog to sniff luggage on a train baggage car did not constitute a search.
Many Amtrak trains also have a baggage car and, on trains operating for more than one night, a crew dormitory car ahead of the sleepers.
Born in 1869, Gandhi felt the slap of prejudice as a young man when he was ordered to the baggage car with other people of color during a train trip in South Africa.
Each train consists of a locomotive, baggage car, five or six sleeper cars (depending on ridership), two dining cars, a club car, and a parlor lounge/observation car.