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Synonyms for baggage

Synonyms for baggage

a vulgar promiscuous woman who flouts propriety

Synonyms for baggage

a worthless or immoral woman

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the portable equipment and supplies of an army

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These Idiq Contracts Will Be Used For Future Baggage Handling System Upgrades Of Existing Systems, Design Of New Systems, And For Renewal And Replacement Projects.
The cost of excess baggage has been reduced, on some routes by up to 90%, with a further reduction of up to 30% if pre-purchased directly with Etihad up to 24 hours before travel.
Dubai - Several Indians in the UAE have come down hard on their country's national carrier and its low-cost airline for deciding to implement stricter carry-on baggage rules.
Automating the baggage handling was obvious and so was the choice to extend this efficiency from departure, using self-bag drop, and all the way through to handling of arrival baggage.
Due to the higher free baggage allowance on flights operating into India, the saleable seat capacity is reduced in line with payload constraints.
Andrew Price, IATA's head of baggage services, said: "Our focus is on enabling a customer experience that is a hassle-free end-to-end journey.
BHS are already in place in almost all parts of the world, due to fear of baggage's being stuck up together or to avert any mishandled baggage situation.
As baggage fees are rising for checked in baggage, many passengers are opting to only travel with had luggage, according to Send My Bag, a UK based luggage-shipping company.
Passengers who pre-book a 20kg checked baggage allowance will pay just QR10, while passengers booking 30kg will pay QR20.
Partly this is due to industry initiatives which have resulted in fewer bags being checked-in, and hence fewer bags mishandled, but it also shows that baggage processing initiatives such as IATA?
Moreover, the tension and agony that I went through running helter skelter to retrieve my baggage can't be explained.
He helps us to unpack all the baggage and sort the contents.
From adapting marriage and motherhood to frequent moves, long separations, and uncomfortable living quarters to coping with wartime deployments of one's spouse, Household Baggage offers invaluable insight to fellow military wives, especially new brides, with a pull-no-punches approach to the real truth of what daily life married to an active serviceman is like.
Airlines have a free baggage allowance, which includes two checked bags, one carry-on, and one personal item such as a handbag, laptop, or stroller.
In an effort to strengthen the security of commercial aviation, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was created and charged with making numerous enhancements to aviation security, including federalizing passenger and baggage screening and screening checked baggage using explosive detection systems.